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Bosley Real Estate Brokerage is a family-owned boutique company that has been actively marketing and selling homes in Toronto and Niagara neighbourhoods since 1928.

One of the greatest benefits offered to Bosley agents is the in-house marketing team. Not many other brokerage offices offer these services.

We as a team have been known to shine a star or two (hundreds) on their way up to the top of the Toronto and Niagara realty charts.

What Makes a Bosley Agent Different?

Bosley agents are chosen because they have valuable insights on the hidden gems that make our communities more liveable. Their perspectives on market conditions and trends come straight from the real estate front lines. Their local knowledge helps clients make the most informed decisions. Our agents’ reputation of integrity, knowledge and professionalism is unparalleled in the city. Our principal value is quality over quantity. We don't wish to be giants but rather to be trusted advisors to buyers and sellers.

We believe that an educated and engaged agent is a client’s best asset, that’s why we spend a great deal of time making sure we provide current and relevant information to our sales force. This begins when agents first join us with the renowned Bosley U course and is maintained with continuous in-house training and weekly sales meetings.

What is Bosley U?

Bosley U is our own in-house training program for new agents or agents that just want o improve their skills. Taught by a management team that works in the field everyday, and includes past TREB presidents and directors and RECO chairs, Bosley U utilizes real world problems and solutions pertinent to the Toronto Market. While the licencing courses teach you the moves, Bosley U teaches you how to dance.

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